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$YACHT token is the native asset of Purdey Yachts. There is a total supply of 1'000'000'000 (one billion) tokens distributed as follows:

Policy ID: 


tokenomics revised.png

Faucet 60% of total supply

600’000’000 $YACHT

Send 4 ada receive back 1.38ada and 10’000 $YACHT (this would allow for 60’000 faucet transactions) However, halvings will happen every quarter of total faucet supply to bolster demand and effectively reward those that claim the token early):

•75% - Tx will receive 5’000 $YACHT

•50% - Tx will receive 3’000 $YACHT

•25% - Tx will receive 2’000 $YACHT

Giveaways10% of total supply
100’000’000 $YACHT

1) Weekly Giveaways via discord based on engagement. Information can be found on our server regarding this.
•Raft - 2 prizes receive 15’000 $YACHT
•Rowbot - 2 prizes receive 25’000 $YACHT
•Sloop - 2 prizes receive 35’000 $YACHT
•Schooner - 2 prizes receive 50’000 $YACHT
•Brigantine - 2 prizes receive 75’000 $YACHT
•Galleon - 2 prizes receive 100’000 $YACHT

=600’000 $YACHT / week
2) Giveaways via discord Coin Marketplace. Server members will be able to trade their server economy tokens for $YACHT - ratio of 4:1 - claimable every 20'000 coins - roles purchasable with economy token can allow for fairer trading and/or boosted ratio

Distribution 20% of total supply 

200’000’000 $YACHT

100'000'000 $YACHT set aside for Purdey Yachts staking platform rewards

•50'000'000 $YACHT distributed regularly via - 500 $YACHT per wallet per epoch, higher yield for holders of our Partership Projects

•50'000'000 $YACHT reserved for additional distribution platform

Promo 5% of total supply
50’000’000 $YACHT

to be distributed to partner projects and crypto influencers of our choosing
- 10 partner projects 1’000’000 $YACHT each
- 4 large yachting or crypto influencers 10’000’000 $YACHT each


Naturally, in the spirit of full transparency, all information regarding our promotional partners will be readily available on our website here

Dev 5% of total supply

50’000’000 $YACHT

To be shared among the development team, including moderation and technical assistance persons along the way. This will be used to fund potential future stages of the project. This will remain untouched for the majority of the project's duration.

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