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WEN mint?

we will reveal a tentative mint date once we have 15 Sloops on our discord server

How much will the mint cost?

Mint price is not yet set, but there will be discounted prices available

Are you open to collaborations?

Yes! We are open to collabs, we have many planned in the future. Always happy to talk about arranging a collaboration. Just reach out to a team member on our discord server or email us at

Can I join the team?

We are always willing to expand the team in the areas that require bolstering. Feel free to drop a message in our discord server if you think you'd be able to bring something to the Purdey Yachts table.

So what is Purdey Yachts all about?

Well first and foremost, Purdey Yachts is all about transparency. we started our project after suffering many a rugpull so wanted to create something that stood against that in every way. Purdey Yachts, in name is as transparent as it comes. it's literally my family name. @Jaaacko and I are both real life boatbuilders and have been for a long time (myself nearing on 20 years) So combining our working passions in real life with our new found passion for the wonderful world of Cardano was always going to happen. I'd like to repeat TRANSPARENCY is everything to us, all our wallet addresses are shown, nothing is hidden, our website has us fully doxxed. we do a Weekly Update without fail, and that will never cease.

So what will Purdey Yachts bring to Cardano?

We will be bringing a chibi art collection to Cardano. 2000 NFTs complete a range of 5 different boatbuilder tradesmen from carpenter to engineer. You'll be able to use your Tradesmen NFTs to build (mint) a unique Purdey Yacht NFT, based off of the combined rarity score of the builders along with a quantity of our native $YACHT token

We will provide a staking system so you can passively earn $YACHT with your NFTs, either by smart contract integration or via regular, manual acquisition. Your Yacht NFTs will also be stakable and will yield multiplied quantities of $YACHT

What is $YACHT token, where can i get it, and what can i do with it?

Will i need all 5 Tradesmen NFTs to build my yacht?

well we plan on providing Purdey Yacht biuld with just 2 Tradesmen, but it will be SLOWER than with 5. Consider each Tradesman NFT will increase your $YACHT yield and speed up your build! they DO NOT have to be 5 different trades, but that will have an effect on YACHT rarity.

WEN rarity?

Yes, there will be 5 different type of boatbuilder, and each will have unique rarities and differing traits.

Will you make provision for your early supporters?

Our first 150 are our OG's, our EARLY members and they will be royally treated. 150-500 will be Whitelisted for discounts, preferential mints etc etc. Members outside of the first 500 will be able to attain the higher roles as we'll monitor for inactivity. On a lot of Solana NFT projects, they have a "purge" (i hate that word), but essentially we will always have chances for people to attain WL roles

$YACHT is Purdey Yachts' utility token which has a total supply of 1 Billion, it will be required alongside tradesmen NFTs to build your Purdey Yacht NFT. And naturally, the $YACHT used to create will be BURNED, thus reducing circulating supply and driving the price of the token. $YACHT is available through our faucet, which can be found through our website or our discord server. it is also acquired through our server casino which has boost days, frequent games nights for large quantities, and we run weekly giveaways to reward our community. it is also set up to be distributed every epoch through (a distribution platform, specialising in Cardano native tokens) Future Utility: As we are both from a marine background, and sticking with the ethos of the project, we're initially looking at developing a Purdey Yacht clothing brand for seafarers. There has always been a need for durable water-resistant clothing out on the waves, and we've in mind a range of Boat Shoes, Windbreaker Jackets, Tee's. The quality is paramount when it comes to marine clothing, so focus will be put firmly on stout, sturdy, long-lasting materials. I for one, would love to see a range of marine tooling, full chandlery, rated marine equipment... the works Yacht Token for your yachting needs.

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